Worship and Devotions

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 "Make a joyful noise to God, all the lands..."

Please join us each week at 10:00 a.m.

Worship at Luther Memorial represents an honoring of the past and openness to God's ongoing revelation in language and song.  The historicLutheran focus on Word and Sacrament in worship is honored at Luther Memorial.  The congregation utilizes a number of settings from Evangelical Lutheran Worship and regularly uses Now the Feast and Celebration for Eucharistic worship.  In addition the congregation develops seasonal liturgies which more pointedly develop the emphases of the church year.


Luther Memorial's worship represents a deep appreciation for the wisdom and insights of the Church's historical confessions.  Yet liturgy (literally the work of the people) must speak to each new generation.  For that reason Luther Memorial continues to explore fresh language in its prayers, hymns, and liturgy.  Luther Memorial strives to makes worship more than a rote repetition of familiar elements, inviting members to consider new ways of hearing and articulating the "old, old story."


The focus of Sunday worship at Luther Memorial is the Revised Common Lectionary, a systematic progression through the text of the Bible.  The goal in worship planning at Luther Memorial is integration of music, lessons, sermon, prayers, and responses around a central Biblical theme.  Worship at Luther Memorial seeks to be topical but not trendy, aware of the world but centered in confessing the centrality of Jesus Christ.


Members of the congregation are encouraged to be partners in the development of worship through participation in the worship and music committee, choir, hymn selection committee, and the arts and worship committee.