Promise of Joy

Joanna Stallings on December 24, 2015 Comments (12)

Throughout the season of Advent we have made a journey through scripture and the writings of Henri Nouwen.  His writings have been spot on as if he was writing in response to the turbulence of the last few months. 

What now? Will we go on our way? Or will the readings transform us? Will we continue to look for signs of Jesus’s presence? Will our relationship with the sisters of joy and peace continue to grow in us freeing us from fear? 

The anointed one is here! Let us dwell in the house of love with God our maker. 



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    Fear is the factors that destroy our peace and stay with happiness and success. Try to live the happy life and enjoy every moment of life. Face the fear and every challenge bravely to conquer the world and to be successful in life.

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    May the God of expectation fill you with all happiness and peace in trusting, so that by the energy of the Holy Spirit you may possess large amounts of expectation. The God of hope works joy and peace leading to abounding hope as we are believing.

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    The Spirit’s prime vehicle for moving and talking in our lives is the Scriptures. The Spirit acts in us to shape us into existing the sort of people God wants us to be because then we will do the everything God wants us to do.

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    I would say that the more you think about others the more you feel great pleasure and joy inside of you, and this is the only key to go in heaven, humanity is everything no religion is better than humanity.

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