Dwelling Place

Joanna Stallings on December 24, 2015 Comments (7)

During this day of celebration Nouwen shares words of hope which free us from imprisonment to a place of freedom and confidence.   In Christ we find our refuge and strength.  He lifts up the scriptures that tell us the Lord is our tent and our safety.

I know that many people in ancient days were transitory—moving from one place to the next with herds of sheep.  Living in a tent wasn’t so unusual.  For us tents are transitory.  For us the image of tents assures us that the Lord will follow us and everyone wherever we go. 

During these busy days of entertaining guests and traveling may we rest securely in the joy and peace Jesus brings to us.




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    i think it's talking about the body of believers as a whole. That we all fit together. We all are together one . as the body of Christ. there's also verses saying about our body, like can the body work without the feet,,etc. no matter what part we are we are put into the dwelling of Christ for his ministry.

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