Joy, Hope, and Peace

Joanna Stallings on December 24, 2015 Comments (1)

Nouwen reminds us that Peace and Joy are like brother and sister, they belong together.  Those who have lost their joy and peace become prophets of doom.  We certainly have had a plethora of that lately. 

Today is different.  The angels bring good tidings to the shepherds “Listen, I bring you news of great joy to be shared with the whole people.”  (Luke 2:10)  Although this is a joyous day in the Christian year there are some who will put on smiles and offer gentle laughter when inside they are suffering from loss, depression, or loneliness.  May we not overlook them, but be present, attentive, and caring. 

Mary brings forth the Prince of Peace.  Mary joins peace and joy together in the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.  



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