Peace Through Prayer

Joanna Stallings on December 22, 2015 Comments (2)

We are stakeholders in this world.  I suspect that most of us long for peace.  The devotional booklet that we have been using during Advent lifts up the context of the New Testament by reminding us that the rulers of the empire brought chaos into a fragile world. 

Our own world can feel tenuous in the midst of our own power brokers, student loans, depression, difficult department heads, and the pressures of families being families. 

Nouwen points us into the “deep and undeniable experience of love” through prayer.  In this mysterious communion with God we can find the strength to speak and act for peace; after all the Prince of Peace is coming to transform us.



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    Peace is the ultimate God's way and that is what about developed people think? Bring peace while living with others and show yourself as a servant to humanity because its the biggest thing in this world.

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