Congregational Care

 "I give thanks for your partnership in the gospel..."

The Congregational Care Committee brings a sense of community to our congregation.  It promotes Christian growth by fostering personal relationships and nurturing devotional life within the congregational family.  We work to provide the members of our parish with a system of support to help them through life's joys and challenges.

The Congregational Care Committee relies on volunteer support to:

  • Provide meals and other assistance to parishioners who are ill, shut-in, or bereaved
  • Visit people when they are in the hospital
  • Visit families with new babies, and provide them with meals or any other assistance they might need
  • Provide transportation for the elderly
  • Support family and friends at the time of a funeral
  • Take Communion to the homebound
  • Provide the congregation with an email and/or telephone prayer chain
  • Provide support for our congregation's students in college