Christian Formation



Faith 5 for Children and Parents

What’s happening for youngsters and families? If you have a child three to eleven years of age old we have a faith formation opportunity for you on alternate Sunday from 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m., in the Great Room of the Education Wing.  It’s about young people together with their families. It’s a chance to share faith, learn about God, and to meet other families in the church.  The focus will be the Faith Five…Sharing, Reading, Talking, Praying, and Blessing one another. Parents and youngsters should plan on attending these meetings during the spring of 2017.


These meetings will be on the following Sundays at 9:45 a.m.-10:40 a.m.

Dates for the fall will be announced,  Put these dates on the calendar. You won’t want to miss any of these opportunities to meet one another, learn more about God, and share your faith from parent to child and child to parent. 


"Let all God's children come..."

If you have  questions and more, join one of the faith discussion groups. If you want your children to learn to love the stories of faith, bring them to to the Faith Five gatherings.  The  study of scripture will be the focus of this year’s Christian Formation offerings.  From the youngest to the oldest we will immerse ourselves in learning more about the all time best selling book, the Bible.  

Luther Forum in the Great Room of the Campus Center

What are the basics of the Christian faith?  What does it mean to be a theologian?  Is it okay to ask hard questons about religion, faith, and discipleship?  These are just some of the questions which will be explored this spring in the Luther Forum.  The focus will be  Making Sense of the Christian Faith, by Dave Lose. Join us at 9:45 a. in the Campus Center.  All are welcome and books will be provided for participants. 

Fellowship Hall on Sunday

Drawing on the 400th anniversary of the Reformation, the Fellowship Class is using Dr. Phillip Cary’s video series on Luther: Gospel, Law, and Reformation. The various sections can be viewed independently so if you have an interest in The Meaning of the Sacrements or Luther and the Bible or even Luther and Modernity stop by during the Sunday School hour. Bring a cup of coffee and join the discussion at 9:45.

High School Class 

All ninth through twelve graders meet in the Youth Room at the top of the Narthex stairs.  Krista Johanson  convenes the group.  Discussion starters and prompts  come from Faith Lens, which uses biblical materials, current events, and conversation to discuss issues of faith and daily life.   9:45-10:45 a.m. each Sunday.  You will want to get out of bed for this! 

Confirmation Class-7th & 8th Graders

This class meets on most Sundays from 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m. in the Conference Room of the Family Life Center.  The progam lasts for two years plus a week at Confirmation Camp (of which the church pays half). If you would like more infirmation contact Pastor King  . Check out the meeting dates under the Confirmation tab. 

Wednesday Morning Exercise Group: 

We have a group of senior adults which meets in the Fellowship Hall each Wednesday morning,10:30 a.m., to exercise. The group uses instructional DVDs which featuring exercises done in a chair.  A few exercises involve using light weights and/or stretch bands.  The group exercises using Pilates, aerobics, tai chi, balance, strengthening, yoga, and chair dance. This is a great opportunity for those who find exercising alone difficult.  The fellowship, combined with getting healthy, adds motivation. 

Thursday Faith Discussion Group

This group meets each week at 10:00  in the Conference Room of the Parish Life Center (entrance marked by an awning which says "offices"). The present focus of study is a Great Courses unit, The Apocalypse:  Controversies and Meaning in Western History.



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