Campus Minstry

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Visit THE WELL website to see what is happening in campus ministry at Virginia Tech.

 WORSHIP HOUR is 10:00 at Luther Memorial and 10:00 at St. Michael congregation on Merrimac Road.

GATHER AT THE WELL each Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. during the academica year students gather each week in the Lutheran Campus Center (600 Prices Fork Rd).   Fun, food, and fellowship in Christ. For directions or further information consult this website or call (540) 951-1000.

YOU ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK TO. Whatever is going on with you there is always someone to talk to. Call Pastor King,  (540) 951-1003.

VOLUNTEER with us as we serve our community in the spirit of Jesus.

STUDY.  Studying the scriptures and wrestling with how faith intersects with the intellectual and emotional challenges of college life is an important part of our ministry. During fall and spring semesters join us  in the campus ministry center for a small group.

THE CAMPUS CENTER is always available for studying, cooking, and decompression. Talk with the pastors to learn how you can take advantage of this space to get away from campus or your apartment.


This semester Pastor Drew Tucker will be working with THE WELL.  Contact him for programs and information--or just to check in:  


Facebook--search for Drew Tucker


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